Dare to ask yourself “What’s TRULY next?” for you and your business

Calling all Right-Brain Entrepreneurs, Creative Souls, Heart-Centered Professionals, Artists, and World Changers:

Join me, a panel of inspiring entrepreneurial experts, and thousands of right-brainers worldwide March 9th-20th for a heartfelt, mind-stimulating, and soul-stirring interactive event that will empower you to tune into what’s truly next for you in your business.

If you’ve been overworked, exhausted, confused, stagnant, or stressed out by trying (too hard!) to grow your creative business, these powerful 10-days could be just the thing that can make all the difference.

We’ll also be joined live by special guests who will share their inspiring success stories. See first-hand how they dared to ask themselves what’s next and followed their calling.

“What’s Next?”

You face this question daily, if not minute-by-minute.

You must quickly decide what steps to take to keep your creative business running smoothly. You tackle your to-do list in hopes of accomplishing your next goal.

But when asked constantly without truly checking in to yourself, “What’s next?” can lead to whole lotta straining, stress, and dissatisfaction just trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

Then you might start wondering, “What the heck am I really doing??!!!” (even if your business is humming along).

Success can be seductive. It can keep you striving toward bigger dreams and loftier goals. And that’s okay if that’s what you truly want.

But sometimes you need to stop yourself, drop into your heart, and tune in… “What’s Next?”

Cultivate your courage to take on what’s truly next for YOU and your business.

At this year’s special summit you’ll learn the following and so much more:

How saying no to your business can create a big YES to what’s next. Sure, it can be scary AND it may be just the thing you’re being called to do

Why finding your voice can be the most important thing you do for your creative work and how to keep honing it even when you’re filled with doubt

How to create a conscious and compassionate relationship with your money and achieve financial freedom. It’s more right-brained than you may think!

How coming out of the spiritual closet can help your business boom

The power of starting small to become big and why listening to your customers is gold

How to diversify and maximize your moola-making methods over time (hint: building a sustainable enterprise doesn’t happen overnight!)

Why completion can be overrated and other tips for overcoming procrastination and overwhelm

Proven insider secrets on product marketing and DIY publicity for creatives

Why “slow marketing” better serves you and your customers long-term

What to do when you reach a meaning crisis (of the mini or mega kind) in your creative business. You know, when you ask yourself, “What am I really doing with my life?!! and “Okay, so what’s next?”

Practices to help you cultivate more flow, spaciousness, and stamina in your work and creative life

I’ve secured top-notch speakers who will share their best tips and secrets for growing a sustainable business and tuning into what’s truly next for you.

You can bet along with the meaty, actionable and practical content there will be colorful visuals and lots of laughs.

Heck you might even shed a tear or two! It happens every year, it’s that inspiring!

A Highly-Anticipated and Super-Engaging Learning Environment

Going on its 5th (and perhaps final!) year now, this leading-edge virtual event has become a highly-anticipated and vibrant hub for thousands of right-brainers worldwide to connect, learn, and grow together.

Enjoy a proven learning experience. I refuse to cram dozens and dozens of speakers into an overstuffed summit that drags on… and on… and on… You know you’ve signed up for those before and just ended up feeling overwhelmed and guilty because you weren’t able to keep up with all of the info being shoved at you.

Nope, we know that doesn’t work for ya and that you’ve been jaded by that anyway.

Instead during these engaging and fun 2 weeks, you’ll experience fresh, focused, and highly interactive sessions that let you integrate digestable learning at a do-able pace.

You don’t just get to hear from experts but you get to SEE and experience them up close and personal. We’ll be on Livestream video chat so it’s like you’re right there with me and the speakers.

This community of right-brain entrepreneurs is a super-engaged bunch. In fact, we’ve been known to be soooo active in our online, real-time discussions that we’ve actually crashed the chat room on occasion ;) but don’t worry, we don’t let techno snafus stop us!

This robust learning environment makes it super easy for you to ask questions, contribute to the conversation, and take concrete action.

And did I mention already that you get all of this for absolutely FREE?!

Of course if you want more personal guidance and coaching from me and to connect with fellow right-brain entrepreneurs committed to success, you can upgrade to a Premium Pass which includes group coaching sessions, a private facilitated online community during the summit month, and more.

Hear why past participants keep coming back for more, year after year:

Attendees from the past summits were so thrilled to discover a new way of working that spoke to their hearts (and heads). Here’s what some had to say:

Compared to yours, other business summits were just plain boring!

“I just wanted to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit. I have signed-up for lots of business summits in the past and compared to yours, they were all just plain boring! I appreciate how organized, informative and effective the RBBiz is… the tech support, the presentations, the show and tell component, the interviews, the branding… everything! I am buying your book TODAY! You have secured a loyal inspired fan with your vibrancy and professionalism.”

— Tricia Hurtubise, Storyteller and Cartoonist

The best, and maybe only of its kind! Rocked my world!

Left with a plan after each of the 4 summits

“I think I’ve attended all four of your RBBIZ Summits and just feel like it is time to say thank you! By using your play sheets, I started my business at the first summit. Every year, I leave the summit with a plan for how I’ll grow in the rest of the year. My business is something I’m so proud. It has given me financial security and confidence, and I want to let you know you had a hand in creating it.

Thank you for encouraging me to ‘be uniquely you’.”

— Elizabet Wendt, www.eastbayesl.com

Amazing! Filled with so much information, links, and gems

“I have been listening to the recorded versions daily of your summit and I am truly impressed. It is always a pleasure to listen to your wonderful advice and to know that there is someone who understands the creative side of business. I am very pleased with the quality and incredible organization of your 10 day summit. Amazing! Technically it is superb and it’s filled with so much information, links, and gems. Thank you so much for doing it.”

— Ruth Loewenhardt, owner of Elegant Ergo, www.elegantergo.com

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I’ve been running this popular pioneering summit now going on five years.

Here’s the thing…

This may be the last time I run it (at least in this format) as I look to what’s next in my business. It’s scary to say that because why mess with a good thing, right?

Except, I can’t ignore the tug toward a slightly new path, even though I’m not totally sure what it looks like. And because of the unknown this will be the most personal, vulnerable, and transparent summit yet!

Let this summit and our fabulous speakers give you permission to listen to what your deepest self has been desperately yearning for, but you’ve been too busy to take to heart.

I want this experience to remind you to be okay with change, transition, and letting go. In fact, one hallmark of a successful entrepreneur is being able to ride the waves of change and navigate through uncertainty.

Come join us…

…and get the support, encouragement, and tools to really go after what you want. You’ll learn from successful entrepreneurial leaders who are making a meaningful difference while making good moola all while staying true to themselves.

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!

I know you are ready to make your big visions real, make a meaningful impact, and make good moola doing what you love!

So, make sure to grab your spot and join us. And hey it’s FREE so whaddya got to lose?