Watch replays of the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit

Thousands of creative entrepreneurs from around the world joined us at our live video summit. Come see what you missed!

Are you ready to go beyond the business plan and create a sustainable and profitable business?

Wondering how to get your right AND left brains to work better together so you can share your gifts and make more moola?

Yearning for a creative community to inspire you and hold you accountable for making your big vision real?

Throughout the sessions, we’re also joined by three creative entrepreneurs who share their own Right-Brain Business Plans and success stories. You’re sure to be inspired!

If the business plan is the roadmap,
then “beyond the business plan” is arriving at your desired destination
and building a thriving enterprise.

To do that your right AND left brains need to partner up more than ever.

This summit will show you how.

  • Do you feel connected to your creative gifts but struggle with the nuts and bolts of business?
  • Have you created a business plan but are wondering, “Ummm, now what?”
  • Would you rather run for the hills than face the intimidating marketing, sales, financial, and legal aspects of your business? Yikes!!
  • Do typical business-building resources and programs make you cross-eyed or beyond bored? Y-A-W-N!
  • Do you long for a more creative, intuitive, and authentic way of doing business that’s both practical and profitable?

Last year’s summit gave you permission to leverage your right-brain genius.

This year’s summit invites you to integrate both your right and left brains to help you increase innovation and build a sustainable and profitable business.

You’ll learn the following and so much more:

The secrets to authentic, heart-based pricing and selling

Expert tips on how to leverage technology to expand your reach

What you really need to know about making sales using social media

How to spread your unique message and increase your impact

What every creative business owner should legally have in place (it’s actually not that scary!)

How to make your workspace work for you so you can make more moola

What to look for when you’re hiring help

Suggestions and practices to get your left AND right brains to work well together

Plus lots more practical and inspiring tips!

I hear questions about these topics all the time from folks just like you so I wanted to make sure you get the expert answers and resources you need to take your business more seriously (but don’t worry, we’ll still have FUN!).

I’ve handpicked the speakers to help you learn more the nuts and bolts of running a successful creative business. In some cases you’re actually getting an inside peek at my own inner circle of creative cohorts and trusted advisors (the people who have helped me move beyond the business plan to a 6-figure business).

This event is like no other out there for creative entrepreneurs.

We don’t cram dozens and dozens of speakers into a summit that drags on and on only to leave you feeling overwhelmed and guilty because you weren’t able to keep up.

Instead, you’ll experience fresh, focused, and highly interactive sessions that let you soak up the learning at a do-able pace.

You don’t just get to hear from experts but you get to SEE and experience them up close and personal.

We’ll be on Livestream video chat so it’s like you’re right there with me and the speakers. And hey, it’ll even feel like you can pass notes to that cool person sitting next to you in the circle (even if they’re half-way around the world!).

This robust learning environment allows you to ask questions, contribute to the discussion, and take concrete action.

And if you upgrade to the Premium Pass, you’ll also have the option of getting more personal attention and guidance through group coaching calls with me to ask questions, get coaching, brainstorm ideas, and deepen what you’re learning during the summit. I want you to get the support you need to take your business to the next level.

Attendees from the 2011 event were so thrilled to discover a new way of working that spoke to their hearts (and heads). Here’s what some had to say:

Compared to yours, other business summits were just plain boring!

“I just wanted to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit. I have signed-up for lots of business summits in the past and compared to yours, they were all just plain boring! I appreciate how organized, informative and effective the RBBiz is… the tech support, the presentations, the show and tell component, the interviews, the branding… everything! I am buying your book TODAY! You have secured a loyal inspired fan with your vibrancy and professionalism.”

— Tricia Hurtubise, Storyteller and Cartoonist

Bursting with new ideas and visions!

“It has been eye-opening!

“I was stuck with my business and now I’m bursting with new ideas and visions!”

— Sandra Hylla, Mad4Music,

Recommend it to anyone who is in their right mind

“I’ve found The Right Brain Business Plan video summit and The Right-Brain Business Plan book to be very helpful in getting me to focus on my business plan, which I should have done months ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in their right mind.”

— Greg Peterson, Co-Active Coach, Happy Career Coaching,

Amazing! Filled with so much information, links, and gems

“I have been listening to the recorded versions daily of your summit and I am truly impressed. It is always a pleasure to listen to your wonderful advice and to know that there is someone who understands the creative side of business. I am very pleased with the quality and incredible organization of your 10 day summit. Amazing! Technically it is superb and it’s filled with so much information, links, and gems. Thank you so much for doing it.”

— Ruth Loewenhardt, owner of Elegant Ergo,

Heard on Twitter:

@wyokemia: am absolutely lovin all the great advice and guidance given by the #rbbiz speakers! this summit is phenomenal!

@refashionology: Learning SO much from Right Brain Business Summit! Wonderful energy from many like-minded creative peeps connecting. #rbbiz

@cjtreggett: @artizencoaching ROCKED w 1st day of #rbbiz. By far the most professionally-run webinar I’ve ever attended. Thx!

Yes, I know you are ready for all of that and so much more!

I can’t wait to have this fabulous virtual meeting of the minds with you and to help you create a sustainable and profitable business doing what you love.