Summit Schedule: February 25th-March 8th, 2013

The video summit sessions will take place Monday through Friday, February 25th – March 8th, 2013 from 10:00 A.M. – 10:45 A.M. (PST). If you’re not sure of when that will be where you live, you can use this timezone converter.

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Each session will feature a talk from our leading experts focused on specific topics to help you move into action, create your authentic impact, and increase your income.

Sessions run from 10:00 A.M. – 10:45 A.M. (PST)
Schedule subject to change

Date Learning focus with your host Jennifer Lee author of The Right-Brain Business Plan Guest Expert
Week 1
Monday, February 25th Summit Kick-Off!

To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

  • Discover the new ABC’s of selling
  • Why extroverts don’t always make the best sales people
  • How to prepare yourself for possible rejection when you put yourself out there – hint, Stuart Smalley may have it all wrong

Dan Pink

Tuesday, February 26th The Art of Money

  • How to “un-shame” ourselves around money
  • Why the dreaded bookkeeping can actually be empowering, go figure!
  • The key things right-brain entrepreneurs should pay attention to when it comes to managing the moola

Bari Tessler

Show & Tell Spotlight w/ Cass Mullane

Wednesday, February 27th Hello Soul. Hello Business.

  • Why it’s important to start with soul when it comes to your business
  • Insider tips on how to generate explosive growth and profits
  • How to keep going in the face of fear and burnout

Kelly Rae Roberts

Beth Nicholls

Thursday, February 28th The Niche Conspiracy: Why Ditching the Niche will Get You Rich

  • Why niching doesn’t always work—especially if you’re offering a very personal product or service
  • Why picking a niche prematurely can create an identity crisis, compromise your mission and trap you in a vicious circle of big effort and big expense but very little reward
  • What an Ideal Client is—and why you should claim yours. (In fact, NOT claiming one is the BIGGEST source of frustration for entrepreneurs)

Lisa Cherney

Lisa Manterfield

Show & Tell Spotlight w/ Lisa Manterfield

Friday, March 1st I Have a Website – Now How Do I Get People to It?

  • Discover what the biggest mistake is you’re making with your website
  • Why simply creating content isn’t a surefire way to get site visitors
  • 3 quick tips to get you more online attention

Rachna Jain

Show & Tell Spotlight w/ Kerri Richardson

Week 2
Monday, March 4th Business Management for Creative Entrepreneurs

  • What needs to be in place for creatives to make the best business decisions possible
  • How to build business processes that actually get work done
  • What it means to elicit curiosity and why it’s essential for generating demand for your work

Corwin Hiebert

Show & Tell Spotlight w/ Elle Roberts

Tuesday, March 5th Growing Your Handmade Business

  • Be real with yourself: is this hobby or a business?
  • Expert tips on how to price your work
  • Proven practices for getting more visibility in the media

Kari Chapin

Show & Tell Spotlight w/ Tiffany Han

Wednesday, March 6th How To Find and Focus on What Really Matters in Your Business

  • Learn how to prioritize your work and finish what you start
  • Overcome your blocks around tactics and execution so you can get your big dream out there
  • Expert tips for managing your creative energy so you can be your most productive

Charlie Gilkey

Thursday, March 7th Embracing Your Sacred Ambition

For most of us there is a sweet spot comfort zone in our lives and businesses. We are doing okay and not unhappy at all. But…what is next? What would your business be like if you REALLY thought about implementing the next big step? What have you kept hidden that the world needs? If not now, when? Join Casey Truffo as she reflects on how to move through the fear and inaction that can keep us doing less than what we are called to do.

Casey Truffo

Friday, March 8th Our Big Send Off Celebration!

The Muse is IN: Rebel Marketing

Quite simply you’ll learn how to use the principles of Jill Badonsky’s Owner’s Manual to Creativity to make marketing effortless, magnetic and fun. You’ll learn to how to:

  • Move from the pressure of promotion to the joy of attraction
  • Use kindness, compassion and gentleness to rock your creative world and unleash your creative self
  • Find out how to show up for marketing even when its the last thing you want to do
Jill Badonsky