Want to get unlimited access to the videos PLUS extra support taking action and increasing your income? Find out how…

It’s one thing to show up and receive the learning. It’s another to take the ideas and put them into action so that you can have the impact you want and increase your income. That’s what you’re wanting, right?

If you’re really committed to taking your business to the next level and you want to get even more out of the experience, I’d love to share some special opportunities with you.

I get that you’re a busy entrepreneur, so joining the live sessions may just not work for your schedule (or time zone – since we have folks signed-up from all over the world). But I know you won’t want to miss out on all the great insights and insider secrets from these experts. Don’t fret!

By upgrading to the Booster Pass, you get to:

  • Enjoy a cuppa tea and connect with your virtual mentors on your own time as many times as you want
  • Articulate your ideas and actions using beautifully designed learning maps
  • Implement what you’ve learned with action-oriented left-brain checklists tailored for each session
Great to know I could re-watch the videos whenever I wanted

Jenn, thanks for offering the Booster Pass again this year. Last year it came in very handy when I couldn’t make a session due to a meeting or a scheduling conflict. Even when I could participate live, it was great to know I could re-watch the videos whenever I wanted. Last year’s video summit taught me so much that signing up for the booster pack again this year was a no brainer. Thanks again.

—Jen Landis, Pincurl Girls, www.pincurlgirls.com

Just want easy access, anytime you need, to:

  • recordings
  • learning maps
  • and checklists?
Need extra accountability to stay in action through:

  • group coaching with me
  • a private Facebook group facilitated by me
  • learning maps
  • supplemental materials
  • recordings
  • transcripts
  • and valuable surprise bonus gifts?

By upgrading to the Premium Pass, you the all that’s in the Booster, PLUS you get:

  • Access easy-to-use formats of the material so you can listen, watch, or even read the interviews and discussions to your heart’s content and integrate your learnings into your day-to-day life
  • More resources and materials to help you dive into the more left-brain aspects of the business in a way that’s not as scary.
  • Connect with other right-brain entrepreneurs and receive the support and inspiration you’ve been craving (you don’t have to go it alone anymore!)
  • Get more personal attention and guidance through group coaching calls with me . You can use these to ask questions, get coaching, brainstorm ideas, and deepen what you learned during the summit.

So if you want to expand your business to the next level of success, upgrade to the Booster or Premium Pass. These special early-bird rates wil go up after the event ends, so act now!

This is one of the most affordable ways to get coaching from me PLUS you get an unbelievable content-rich, multimedia library that will help you can turn to again and again for advice and practical tools to grow your business.

You can see the details in a fancy visual chart for those of us who like pictures!

Amy upgraded to Premium 2 years in a row and her connections continue to grow

This is my second year joining the Premium group. I upgraded for a host of reasons. I find so much value in not only the videos, but the interaction with other amazing and wise creatives. Working from home can be challenging and getting deeper into the summit through the Premium package, for me, is a chance to learn at my own pace, to be inspired, to celebrate creativity, and to connect with others. I have developed wonderful friendships and partnerships from last year and am already beginning to see the same happening this year.

—Amy Christensen, Expand Outdoors, www.expandoutdoors.com

Lynsey decided that she couldn’t afford NOT to join

I’m so thankful for everything I’ve encountered, felt, and learned about myself and others in the past 2 weeks. I’ve been debating whether I could afford this premium package for the last 12 days, and decided today that I can’t afford NOT to! I have been so inspired by you and so many others during this video summit and need this momentum and support to continue on my path. I recently made the leap into a full-time creative career and desperately need the community and connection with others… in addition accountability and perhaps a little tough love. This is too isolating and scary to do alone.

—Lynsey (Phleps) Morgan, www.VerreEncore.etsy.com

I was able to define and refine my true passion

I showed up to the Video Summit with dozens of ideas, bulletin boards over flowing with projects and business ideas, my purse was full of torn papers and napkins filled with sketches and ideas – the tricky bit was choosing ‘the one’ to move forward with! Sound familiar?

Jenn creatively guided me through looking at what I really wanted in my life and gave me an opportunity to discuss my discoveries in our group coaching calls. All of this enabled me to design a RBBP that was absolutely perfect for me!

Because I was able to define and refine my true passion, I am thrilled to announce I will finally be launching my creative coaching tools and crafts business this spring! It’s exactly what I have always wanted to do!!”

—Michelle Berlin, Designer/Creativity Coach, LivingRightBrain.com

Nearly doubled my income from last year!

“Last year I got off my butt, pulled up my britches and decided that I wanted to take my handmade jewelry and creativity workshop biz, Kentucky Girl Designs, to a new level. I’ve never fit into the business world, and I had a severe approach/avoidance to generating income through my art and jewelry.

After the first day of the Summit I was so inspired that I bumped myself up to the Premium level, which included a weekly conference call. My investment paid off immediately – within that next week I had two custom orders come in and I was lined up to teach one of my workshops with a prominent bookstore! Most of all I was inspired and motivated daily both by the video sessions and community chats and especially jazzed by the weekly coaching calls in which Jenn does her magic with each person involved.

As a result of getting into Jenn’s RBBP basics, later that year I moved into a community public art studio. I am in front of the public on a daily basis, selling my necklaces and giving monthly creativity workshops. PLUS by the end of 2011 I generated almost twice the amount of income that I had earned the year before! This venue changed the way I view business and most of all my view of me in it! And it’s fun!”

—Virginia Simpson-Magruder, Kentucky Girl Designs, kentuckygirldesigns.com

Just want easy access, anytime you need, to:

  • recordings
  • learning maps
  • and checklists?
Need extra accountability to stay in action through:

  • group coaching with me
  • a private Facebook group facilitated by me
  • learning maps
  • supplemental materials
  • recordings
  • transcripts
  • and valuable surprise bonus gifts?

What you get: FREE Booster Premium
Live access to all 10 video summit sessions where you can interact with your host, Jennifer, and fellow participants
48-hour replay access after each session
Downloadable illustrated play sheets from the Right-Brain Business Plan book
Downloadable illustrated visual learning maps made especially for this summit to help track take-aways and document your actions.
Downloadable left-brain checklists with suggested action steps from each session to implement your learnings and make things real. Think of it like an action-oriented executive summary
Unlimited access to all video recordings, plus MP3 audio recordings. It’s like being able to access your virtual mentors at the push of a button!
Downloadable transcripts of the videos and session chats so you can easily refer back to all of the juicy information again and again
3 group coaching calls to receive additional, more personalized support and to connect and brainstorm with your fellow creative cohorts. MP3 recordings will be provided. Long distances charges may apply.

  • ACTION: Wed 3/6, 5:00–6:30 p.m. PT
  • IMPACT: Thur 3/14, 12noon–1:00 p.m. PT
  • INCOME: Thur 3/21, 12noon–1:30 p.m.PT
  • Access to a private Facebook group facilitated by me where you can connect with other go-getter right-brain entrepreneurs worldwide
    Special bonus gifts! Check out the amazing resources you’ll receive at the Premium level and stay tuned for additional announcements throughout the summit.


    Just want to access
    the recordings, learning maps,
    and checklists
    at your leisure?

    Want extra support through
    group coaching, community,
    learning maps, supplemental materials,
    recordings, and transcripts?

    One of the best decisions I’ve made for my business

    Beth DeZiel upgraded in 2011 and 2012 and got a lot out of her investment. Find out why…

    — Beth DeZiel, Lasso LLC, www.lassollc.com

    Joanna loves not having to worry about taking copious notes

    Last year I participated in the summit using the free replays. I learnt so much that I wanted to give something back to Jenn for her invaluable advice so this year I upgraded to the premium pass. It is wonderful to be able to listen and absorb the information without having to worry about taking copious notes before the free replay gets taken down! The comfort of having the transcripts and replays allows me to be fully present in the summit and enjoy the community. Whenever I am feeling stuck or overwhelmed, Jenn’s videos get me super focused and back on track so it is great to know that I can dip in and watch them whenever I want!

    — Joanna Mary, Healer and Author, www.joannamary.com

    The coaching calls alone were worth the price of the upgrade

    I LOVED the 2011 Video Summit so much, upgrading to the Premium level was a no-brainer.

    The coaching calls alone were worth the price of the upgrade. Having the opportunity to hear from and share with other creative cohorts lessened that feeling of “going it alone.” Jennifer offered additional insights to connect the content to each of our personal situations.

    And beyond the coaching calls, that spirit of sharing and caring continues via access to the private online community.

    You can be sure I’m signing up for the Premium level again!

    — Debra Marrs, The Write Your Story Coach, www.yourwritelife.com

    Sometimes seasoned business owners need a spark

    When you’ve owned a business for many years, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Jenn helped me get excited about my business again and see the possibilities under my nose.

    — Tammi Spruill, Fruition Branding, www.fruitionbranding.com

    Even if you help others, sometimes YOU need help getting out of your own way

    As a coach myself, it’s easy to get lost in the work of guiding others and forget that I might need help to get out of my own way. Enter Jennifer Lee. With direct yet gentle nudging, clarity of next steps, and loving excavation of the source of the issue, Jennifer has helped me to create consistent movement from success to super success! I’m now showing up to my business with more vim and vigor. Thanks, Jenn!

    — Kerri Richardson, Intuitive Life Strategist and Writing Coach, www.kerririchardson.com

    If you’re tired of talking about all the great things you want to implement and you’re ready to spring into action so you can finally make the moola you want, then join us!

    You’ll get support and guidance from me plus the feedback and encouragement of a community of right-brain entrepreneurs who GET you and your crazy, big visions. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to even have an occasional (and loving) kick-in the pants from someone who truly wants you to succeed.

    And I do truly want you to succeed! That’s why I hope you that you’ll join us and make the most out of our time together during the summit and beyond. Move into action and make a difference with your work while you make more moola.